Cell phone screen repairs are the most popular, BUT be careful…

🚑 We see many repairs from other shops daily. Some are great but MOST of them are a nightmare, technically speaking.

📵 SOOO..

When you are looking for a great repair make sure to NOT go for the lowest price.

This is why:

🔨 1. There are a good number of screws holding important pieces to your phone.

Many shops who save time, do not put all of these guys back on!

👨‍🏭 2. There are plates holding the connections on your phone, such as your battery, and screen connectors.

Many shops do not put plates back on. This means that after a drop, your screen or your phone might not come back on!


👩‍💼 3. In the professional industry, we call some technicians, YouTube technicians.

These are technicians who learn everything off Youtube. While this might not be a bad practice for some repair stuff at home.

A certain level of education is needed for professional repairs.

Especially repairs in expensive devices and where we keep our business or lives in!


🤝✌️ 4. Our technicians are highly trained.

We want to impact the world with positiveness. This includes our team members, our dear clients, and our local economy! Support local!


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